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We are the first company to manufacture Corn based products including corn flour, which is taking the nation’s economy in new dimension and reduces the imports of corn products. We are targeting in developing new opportunity in growing corn seed, since we are planned to consume 60% of Maize production in Sri Lanka. This will generate more employment opportunity in Anuradhapura and take the nation economy high.

Corson have established an enviable reputation as Australasia's preferred producer of maize milled products. In fact, it's likely the breakfast cereal you ate this morning, or the snack food that you'll eat tonight, have been made from our maize products.

Understanding that manufacturers have specific needs, Corson has developed exacting quality standards for their specific food grade maize hybrids, delivering to the manufacturer:

larger and harder grain texture
kernels with a flinty endosperm and an easily removed pericarp
Corson's specialist food products are listed below; however for more information please contact our customer service team.

Please note: Technical specifications vary between our New Zealand and Australian mills. Please choose the appropriate mill for your location.

Flaking Grits

Flaking Grits are used in the manufacturing of corn flakes and other breakfast cereals.

Medium Grit

Smaller than flaking grit, this product is used in the manufacture of breakfast cereals.


Semolina is used in the manufacturing of extruded snack food, breakfast cereals, bread and brewing grits.


Polenta has a smaller particle size than semolina and is used in the manufacturing of extruded snack food, breakfast cereals and brewing grits.

Superfine Polenta

Superfine Polenta has a smaller particle size than Polenta and is used in the manufacturing of baking & snack foods products.

Maize Flour

An ultra-fine ground yellow flour suitable for use in pre-mix bakery, batter and sauce applications.

Whole Grain Maize Flour

An ultra-fine flour that contains all elements of the maize kernel. Typically used in baking or extruded food products where health claims are important.


Corson produces a food grade, butterfly popcorn.

Whole Maize

Whole maize is produced for the manufacturing of corn chips and tortillas.

Kibbled Maize

A milled maize product used in breakfast cereals and baking.