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Food Additive CMC

“Ever Bright” food additive CMC is a kind of cellulose ether modified by the chemical reaction of natural cellulose. As water soluble semi-biological polymer, CMC has excellent thickening, emulsifying, forming, swelling, stabilizing and freshness retaining functions, expansively applied in food, lactic-acid milk and acid beverage fields.

Applied in beverage with various performances, CMC can prevent protein in the yogurt from condensation and layering. Dissolved in water, it becomes unique delicate syrup, making better taste and more refreshing. Its excellent replacement and evenness guarantee the stability of the acid beverage and make the life time longer.

Applied in ice cream, CMC effectively mixes, disperses and stabilizes the water, fat and protein and avoids ice crystal, featuring high expansion rate, delicate and smooth taste and good forming. Besides, it can prevent people, especially the children, from taking high caloric cream and sugar. Therefore, it is an ideal additive.

Applied in bread and cookies, CMC can control the viscosity of the paste and enhance the water retaining ability and increase keeping time.

Applied in instant noodles, CMC can enhance the toughness and boiling performance, reduce oil percentage and improve taste. Applied in biscuit and thin cakes, CMC can make good shapes, smooth surface and enhance the toughness.