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Mineral Processing Grade CMC

For mining industry, Shanghai Ever Bright (SEB) CMC products helps company to constantly improve the cost efficiency of operations. Additionally, as a globally recognized PAC/CMC manufacturer, SEB ensure supply of process and performance chemical aids wherever operations are located, at comparative prices and stable quality. SEB is also reliable suppliers able to adjust and customize products to fit various conditions and situations in mining processes.

For minerals such as those associated with the Copper, Gold, Nickel, Platinum Group Metals and Potash, SEB CMC increase cost efficiency in the process of separating valuable mineral components from the gangue minerals.

In the process of Iron ore pellets. SEB CMC products are used as binder and ensure outstanding green strength of the pellets during the process of pelletization. In comparison with commonly used alternative bentonite and hydrated lime, SEB CMC brings more economical benefits and multi-functional advantages.