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Modified CMC

Xanthan Gum Products

Xanthan gum is a kind of polysaccharide polymer fermented by the carbohydrate of crops with xanthomonas. Soluble in cold and hot water, but insoluble in organic solvent, it is nontoxic and edible. With high viscosity, acid, alkali, salt and heat resistant stability, it is expansively applied in oilfield drilling, food, medical and cosmetics industries as thickener and stabilizer.

Product Performance and Features

1. Efficient thickening;
2. High plasticity in high shearing rate and concentration scope;
3. Stable in acid and strong alkali solutions;
4. Small soluble viscosity in quite wide temperature range;
5. Able to co-exist with highly concentrated salts;
6. Excellent suspension to insoluble solid and oil drops;
7. Quite effective emulsifying and bubble stabilizer;
8. Excellent coordination with guar gum and locust bean gum;
9. Providing outstanding mouthfeel;
10. Stable in freezing and dissolving;
11. Able to keep stable performance under -18°C-130°C in food and other industries;
12. Drill mud additive. It is the most ideal mud additive for offshore drilling because of its excellent temperature and salt resistance and shearing, thinning and particle suspending performance.
13. Able to keep stability in saturated brine under 85°C, it is the ideal oil displacing agent.

Instantly Soluble CMC (PAC)

Various instantly soluble CMC and PAC products are provided according to customer requirements. Instantly soluble CMC or PMC processed through special process have faster water dispersion and dissolving speed than the common CMC or PAC.

Indicators of Super High Viscosity CMC

Modified Carboxymethyl Hydroxypropyl Cellulose (CMHPC)

The CMHPC developed by National Key Lab of Polymer Project in Zhejiang University and the company is ion and non-ion compound cellulose ether with the properties of ion and non-ion. Modified CMHPC with integrated properties of ion CMC and non-ion hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) is expansively applied in oil drilling, printing, dyeing, toothpaste, medicine, food, washing, paper-making, and building materials industries and fills in the blanks ion CMC and non-ion HPC fail to solve.

Applied as toothpaste binding agent and stabilizer, it has excellent thixotropic performance, makes the toothpaste in good shapes, no deformation after long time and ensures the paste even and delicate. With superior salt resistance and acid resistance, it is more applicable for various medical toothpastes besides high and medium-level toothpaste. With effect far more superior to CMC and performance better than imported hydroxy ethyl cellulose, it is the excellent daily chemical product.

The most superior advantage of CMHPC solution is stable viscosity. With excellent thermal stability, acid stability and salt stability, it is expansively applied as thickening stabilizer in food. For example, adding to flowing food (such as orange juice, granular orange, coconut milk, yoghourt, bean milk, soy sauce and acetic beverage) improves flowing ability and makes the products free of layering or condensation and keep fresh and delicate mouthfeel. Besides, it can replace imported hydroxy ethyl cellulose when applied as thickener in high-level latex paint and cosmetics.

Applied as dyeing slurry thickener in dyeing industry, it features small residue and high dyeing rate. The dyeing quality is far better than that of ion and non-ion cellulose ether products.

Coating PAC

“Ever Bright” PAC is a kind of ionic water soluble cellulose ether and has the following excellent performance in the coating:

(1) Water soluble:able to be dissolved in hot water or cold water with simple stirring equipment;
(2) Extremely low ash content, quite stable and good in dispersion as emulsion thickener, able to improve coating leveling property
and sparkling and sagging resistance, thus improving construction performance of the coating; (3) Good compatibility, able to be compatible with water soluble gum, softener and resin;
(4) No pharmacological function, nontoxic, harmless to physical body;
(5) Well-distributed replacing base, strong anti-bacterium effect.